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1. What do you provide?

Our extensive range of crystal products includes: crystal perfume bottles, crystal fragrance bottles, crystal scent bottles, crystal trophy, crystal awards, 3d laser crystal, photo crystal, crystal candle holder, crystal clock, crystal penholder, crystal ashtray, crystal sphere, crystal diamond, crystal keychain, crystal photo frame, crystal figurine, crystal led bases and so on.

2. How does the 3d laser engraving work?

The 3d laser engraving process uses a computer guided laser to precisely engrave 3D images within optically perfect laser crystal. Initial efforts produced 3D images engraved inside a solid piece of optically perfect laser crystal without damaging the crystal block surface.Refinements have added 2D images (pictures of people or things),text, 3D heads and other 3D objects. Additional advancements created our latest offerings, 2 1/2D sub-surface laser engraving.2 1/2D is a unique merger of 3D and 2D laser engraving which produces the highest quality laser engraved image with unmatched quality and clarity.

3. What kind of pictures can be used for laser crystal images and crystal gift?

We can accept almost any digital image format,BMP,ASC, DXF, CAD,PNT etc. We do not recommend GIF format because they are typically very small files and do not produce good results for gifts, some tips for the images:
a. Don't use photo's that are over or under exposed, too bright or too dark.
b. Please avoid pictures that have shadows on the faces
c. A picture with speckles, scratches, blemishes or tears is not suitable for crystal laser images.

4. How to choose the crystal?

Optic K9 grade crystal is known as the most perfect crystal and is the whitest crystal. Optic K9 grade crystal must not have any imperfections that could cause a low quality laser image. Crystalex only offers the highest quality optic K9 grade crystal and therefore the resulting images are of the highest quality.

5. What is the package?

Each crystal will be packed with gift box, if you want to make your gift box more attractive, we can make according to your specification, different color available, your promotional logo or other text even pictures can be branded on the surface of the gift box.

6. How is the shipping? How long does it take from China to European main ports or USA?

Shipping options is upon customer's requirement, by sea or by air, for urgent order, delivery by air is necessary, express courier (DHL, UPS, TNT etc.) will be sometimes recommended for samples or small quantity order, for usual order, gifts delivery by sea will be more suitable. Generally speaking, the time from SHANGHAI to European main ports by sea needs around 28 days, to west USA will need around 23 days except the peak time of the year or holiday, say, national holiday or Chinese traditional New Year. But for air shipping 3-4 days would be all right.

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